Business Development For Small Businesses

It is a paradox!

SMBs have talent, expertise, intellectual properties.... but most of their value added profitability comes from larger projects. Developing and winning these projects typically require a large amount of resources and time from the SMBs, deviating their focus on their core business. As a result, they mostly depend on Large Contractors to develop business, which also includes the negotiation of terms on the overall project. Too often Prime Contractors pressure SMBs to squeeze their profit margins and even take "their" business somewhere else.

The Government needs to purchase efficiently, while maintaining execution risk low. It has classified SMBs as strategic partners and as such has dedicated a significant part of the budget for SMBs. As technology systems become more complex and need the absolute best and most creative solutions, the options for building those solutions get narrower and narrower, with only a few prime contractors able to take on the large projects. But by limiting the bidders on your project, you are also limiting the ideas, the thinking, and the certainty of having the very best people in each specific technology your project includes

Large Prime Contractors play an important role in the overall contracting ecosystem, especially on complex, resource intense, multi-year and high-risk projects. But they cannot have specialized internal resources that cover all types of projects, so much of the technical work is subcontracted to a lot of SMBs.

Focus on your core business.

J2C's vision is to use it's extensive network of Contractors, Vendors and Clients from past projects to create a lean mean business development company focused on serving an ecosystem of highly specialized SMBs.  

This specialized contractor would have access to the best brains in every technology sector, high quality project management, and add little overhead costs to contractor margins, bringing new thinking and proven results to your project, while ending the dependency on Prime Contractors?

That is exactly what J2C Enterprises does.

We focus on specific industries and vertical markets where we can have the greatest impact on our partners:


  • Aerospace
  • Aerospace related industries
  • Broadcasting

Vertical Markets

  • NOC
  • Command and control
  • Structured cabling

Let our sales and marketing professionals work for you, saving you time and money in your hunt for new projects. We have a team of specialists with a deep knowledge of how Government procurement works, and that expertise increases your opportunity to win projects. Our network of partners instantly adds capabilities to your portfolio that you may not have - proven, high level talent that knows how to collaborate effectively.

Join the ecosystem!!!

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Whether you are designing a high technology facility, or are a contractor who would like to benefit from a system that brings you in as a full partner from the very beginning, contact us and let's talk. You will be glad you did.